Romanian Marines to the BALTOPS 19 Exercise

The Romanian Navy takes part, during the period 06-21 June, with 30 Marines from the 307 Marine Infantry Regiment, at the BALTOPS 19 (BALTIC OPERATIONS) multinational exercise held in Kiel (Germany), Saaremaa Island (Estonia), Klapeida (Lithuania), Ravlunda (Sweden) and in the international waters of the Baltic Sea.

BALTOPS 19, the maritime-focused exercise in the Baltic Region, is an annual multinational annual NATO exercise organized by EUCOM (United States European Command), which aims to ensure stability and security.

Ground, maritime, and air forces from participating nations will work together to exercise air defense, maritime interdiction, anti-subsurface warfare, mine countermeasures, and amphibious operations in order to strengthen the development of our joint leaders and teams across all layers of the battlespace.

This exercise addresses, in particular, the amphibious component of maritime interdiction and anti-asymmetric threats, but is also a joint exercise, which includes sequences to combat aviation, land and underwater threats.

The Romanian Marines will train with the landing forces from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Poland, with emphasis on patrols in a hostile territory and the reaction to contact with the enemy, on operating procedures for exiting an ambush, the execution of an amphibious assault and a raid in the enemy territory. Marine infantrymen will also carry out combat training with all armament categories and will exchange experiences on techniques, tactics, and specific procedures on board of the landing craft participating in the exercise.

The participation of Romanian Marines in the BALTOPS 19 exercise contributes to raising their level of training, as well as promoting the image of Romanian Navy and Romania among NATO partners.

BALTOPS is an annual exercise in the Baltic Sea, run by the United States, and for 2019 there are participants from Romania, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Turkey.

photo: 307 Marine Infantry Regiment, Romanian Navy

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