Wind Spring 19

Wind Spring

Romanian and American forces came together to perform the live-fire exercise Wind Spring in Cincu as part of Saber Guardian 19.

“This exercise promoted interoperability in coordinating and synchronizing the precision of the execution and the use of both Romanian and US forces in the exercise,” said (to Sgt. Savannah Lang, 126th Public Affairs Operations Center) Col. Kelly D. McNeese, the 211th Regional Support Group Commander. “The coordinated activity that they took was pretty impressive.”

The training included react to contact, close air support, medical evacuation, call for fire, direct fire, and counter-attack exercises.

 The second week of the “Wind Spring 19” exercise brought increased training and dynamics to the 81st Mechanized Brigade soldiers, who were engaged in FTX (Field Training Exercise), along with the Ukrainian partner and the structures of the 2 Mountain Troops Brigade Sarmizegetusa.

The allied forces were organized into a battle group consisting of soldiers from “Transylvanian Dragons” from the 811 Infantry Battalion and the 25th Ukrainian Airborne Brigade in the 1st echelon, respectively the soldiers of the 191 Infantry Battalion “Colonel Radu Golescu” in the second echelon.

Also taking part was the Combat Support Company of the 811 Infantry Battalion “Dej”, which had the mission of assuring fire support for maneuvering subunits.

The enemy forces were played by the 2nd Mountain Troops Brigade Sarmizegetusa, through two companies.

For the Infantry Company of the 191st Infantry Battalion “Colonel Radu Golescu” the mission was to take the fight over from the Ukrainian company and execute the delay on successive alignments, mainly, the alignment and the blocking of the enemy’s progress.

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