The assault of the Red Scorpions

Soldiers from the 26 Infantry Battalion „Neagoe Basarab”, known as „Red Scorpions” have carried out, during the last few days, live-fire exercises (LFX) at platoon level, at Redea fire range.

The exercises aimed to improve their abilities, focusing on the special tactical activities specific to their unit. An essential element is keeping the capability of the fighters to perform their duties and permanently adapt to all conditions of the modern warfare space.

For the training were used standard weapon systems in the endowment unit and those from the TBT 8X8 Piranha V.

The 26 Infantry Battalion „Neagoe Basarab”, known as „Red Scorpions”, was created on 15 September 1994 with the restructuration of 26 Mechanized Regiment „Rovine”. The 26 Battalion had been deployed on international assignments in the area such as Angola, Albania, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq; and exercises and training in the country.

Text & photo: Laurenţiu Turoi – Revista Fortelor Terestre

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