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Approximately 15,000 soldiers, of which 10,000 Romanians and 5,000 from 17 allied and partner nations are participating, starting Tuesday, May 4 and until mid-June, in 16 polygons and other military facilities in Romania, in the most complex activity of training since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dacia 21 Livex series of exercises led by the Joint Forces Command of the Defense Staff.

Dacia 21 Livex integrates training sequences of some Romanian forces, allies, and partners, in the context of NATO and the Romanian-American strategic partnership to execute a defense operation in the conditions of some scenarios that involve high-intensity combat actions. The Dacia 21 Livex exercises aim to strengthen the position of national and allied defense and deterrence and confirm the capacity of the Romanian Army to engage its capabilities in defensive operations, as well as the permanent availability of Alliance structures and the American strategic partner to deploy quickly in our country effective credible for carrying out the defense against any aggressor. Also, during the exercises, the way of realizing the support provided by our country for the troops and technical combat equipment that transit the national territory will be verified.

The planned training activities include travel and tactical exercises with and without combat shooting, aviation bomb shooting, parachuting, forcing of watercourses, encrypted communications, coordination of transit through air, naval, and land border crossings, and medical activities. At the same time, the Dacia 21 Livex series of exercises provides the multinational framework for testing the ability to integrate the command at the operational level by the Joint Forces Command.

The series of exercises represents a peak of professional training that included planning and organizational stages started one year before the operational execution phases currently underway. The exercises are preceded by the influx of forces in the training areas in May, followed by the runoff phase in June. During the month of May, movements of personnel and equipment are planned on the country’s road, naval and air communications routes.

The health of the troops is the priority of the Romanian Army leadership, and the measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, inside or outside the military system, were part of the key elements considered during the planning of the exercises. Thus, the military will wear sanitary masks, keep physical distance and enter rotational cycles of mission execution. At the same time, the participating structures planned action courses and quarantine locations for the eventual occurrence of coronavirus among the participating staff.

The participating countries with staff and combat equipment for training in the Dacia 21 Livex series of exercises are Albania, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Great Britain, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, USA, Turkey, and Hungary.

The main training grounds for the Dacia 21 Livex series of exercises will be the National Joint Training Center in Cincu, Brașov County, Secondary Combat Training Centers in Smârdan, Galați and Babadag County, Tulcea County, Capu Ground-to-Air Shooting Range Midia from Constanța county, Aeronautical Personnel Training and Training Air Base from Boboc locality, Buzău county. At the same time, training events within Dacia 21 Livex will take place in training facilities in Târgu Mureș, Bogata, Brădet, Grohotiș, Gropeni and Frecăței.

Swift Response 21

The soldiers of the 151st Infantry Battalion Războieni and those of the 635th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion “Precista” received the marching order for the deployment of combat equipment and military personnel participating in the Swift Response 21 exercise taking place at Boboc Air Base between May 7 and 12 more ac

The “Swift Response 21” exercise is part of the multinational “Dacia 21 Livex” exercise, carried out at the level of the Romanian Army, in which the 15th Mechanized Brigade “Podu Înalt” and its subordinated units confirm their integration capacity to fulfill specific missions, at tactical.

Justice Sword 21

Starting with 04.05.2021, soldiers and combat equipment from the 282nd Armored Brigade “Union of Principalities”, a large tactical unit subordinated to the 2nd Infantry Division “Getica”, will perform the movement from the garrisons Focșani, Galați and Brăila to the Secondary Center of Combat Training Smârdan, in order to participate in the exercise “Justice Sword 21”.

“Justice Sword 21” is part of the “Dacia 21” exercise complex, carried out at the level of the Romanian Army, and has as main purpose the improvement of the structure’s capacity to plan, lead and carry out combat actions in a multinational and united combat environment, but also the harmonization of joint operating procedures with the military structures of other NATO member states, in order to achieve interoperability.

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