Complex training on the Danube river

During May 10-20, two river monitors perform an instructional march on the Danube, between the port of Brăila and kilometer 1050, to update the operational procedures for protecting river transport routes used by the soldiers from the “Mihail Kogălniceanu” River Flotilla. The march is a training sequence that is part of the “Danube Protector 21” Exercise and includes activities to update the geographical-military database and navigation and training to strengthen crews’ skills to use the equipment on board.

The crews of the two river monitors “Opanez” (177) and “Posada” (179) will monitor the river traffic, during the execution of the navigation, will make stops in the Danube ports Călărași, Giurgiu, Orșova, and Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, and will transit the Iron Gates (1 and 2). Also, they will carry out numerous exercises to ensure the vitality of the ship (fight against fires on board and fight against water holes), protect the force, discover air and ground targets, and inspect exercises and control of vessels suspected of illegal trafficking.

The two river military ships will sail upstream to km 1050. After updating the database on port infrastructure in Old Moldova, the crews will change the direction of navigation downstream to the port of Brăila, where the ships will dock at km 176.

The march of military river ships on the entire Romanian sector of the Danube is part of the Annual Training Plan of the Romanian Naval Forces. It develops the ability of the Romanian Army to respond, quickly and efficiently, to a wide range of threats on the southeastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance, helping to strengthen the capacity to manage potential crises that may arise in the region.

“Opanez” (177) and “Posada” (179)

The river monitors “Opanez” (177), and “Posada” (179) were built at the Shipyard in Mangalia between 1988-1990. These are part of the 67th Artillery Carrier Division “Commander Virgil Alexandru Dragalina”, Armored Star Section, a structure that still has three armored stars, respectively “Rahova” (176), “Smârdan” (178), and “Rovine”.” (180).

The ships have a displacement of 322 t each, length 44.50 m, width 8 m, are powered by three main engines and are equipped with a 100 mm caliber cannon, two TAB-77 installations with two machine guns 14.5 mm and 7.62 mm, machine guns 14.5 mm with four pipes, two installations of reactive projectile launchers with 40 tubes each and a 30 mm caliber cannon with two pipes.

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