Saber Guardian 2019

Saber Guardian 19 is a combination of exercises (marches, combat activities that include firing sessions with anti-air artillery, forcing the crossing of water streams, medical training, etc.) led by the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and the Romanian Land Forces Headquarters

The operational execution phase of the ROU Saber Guardian 19 exercise was conducted on the territories of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary between 03-24 June. In the prior stages and those that follow this phase, different support events took place in Romania: such as CIS exercises, deployment and dislocation, a tactical march of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, and other training activities.

The main goal of Saber Guardian 19 was to emphasize cohesion, unity, and the solidarity of the partner and allied states with a view of defending themselves against any type of aggression, especially by a rapid mobilization and concentration of forces in a short time, anywhere in Europe. The focus was to develop communication and understanding between the taking part NATO allies and partners, as well as improve the integration of multinational combat forces in preparation of a real-world crisis.

In order to optimize the international joint training activities, SG19 was connected to a series of other national and multinational exercises, and brought together almost 13,500 soldiers from 14 allied and partner states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germania, Great Britain, The Republic of Moldova, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and USA), out of which 7,600 will represent the Romanian Armed Forces.

Exercise Saber Guardian has been organized since 2013 and hosted rotationally by Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. Starting in 2017, Saber Guardian became a biennale exercise. SG19 is included in the program of the USAREUR joint training exercises program, with a view of increasing interoperability at joint and multinational levels with the allied and partner states’ armed forces.

The scenario

The geopolitical situation on which the scenario from the ROU SG19 is based is fictive, even if the training events could be similar to the possible military events in different operational environments, starting from those specific to hybrid and informational warfare and culminating with those specific to a real armed conflict.

It has been a grand experience working with the other countries and experiencing their lifestyles and their culture,” said (for 126th Public Affairs Operations Center), Spc. Jesse Garza, a U.S. Army Reserve Soldier with the 519th Transportation Detachment, who volunteered to be a color guard for the Cincu Opening Ceremony. “It’s an awakening to be invited to this country”.

Saber Guardian is important because it allows us to improve our interoperability and develop relationships that are going to benefit us in the future,” said (for 126Th Public Affairs Operations Center) Maj. Gen. Joe Jarrard, U.S. Army Europe Deputy Commanding General for the Army National Guard. “We continue to get better each time we do these types of exercises, they’re all about the interoperability between our allies and border nations”.

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