Romanian Parliament adopts the Air Force Multirole Aircraft program law

In a press release, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense welcomed the adoption on December 11, in the Chamber of Deputies, of the Law for the further development of the air operational capability contained in the Initial Transition Stage of the Concept for the gradual realization of the air defense capability within the “Air Force Multirole Aircraft” program.

F-16 Multirole Aircraft
Photo by Bogdan POP, Romanian Air Forces

The Government of Romania will award to the Government of the Portuguese Republic the contract for the purchase of five surplus F-16 A aircraft and of a package of goods and services that includes the modernization to a higher standard of the F-16 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, including the 12 already in their supply. The contract also includes elements of logistical support and training of engineering technical personnel.

In order to purchase the package of complementary goods and services, Letter of Offer and Acceptance – LOA specific contracts for the Foreign Military Sales Program – FMS will be awarded to the Government of the United States.

The first four aircraft in this group will arrive in 2020, and the last in 2021. They will join the 12 already carrying out national air police missions.

The five aircraft will have the same configuration as the 12 already equipped with the Romanian Air Force, respectively M.5.2R, and the package of goods and services includes the modernization of all 17 F-16 aircraft of the Romanian Army to a higher configuration, respectively M .6.X.

The adoption of the legislative act provides the premises for the national defense industry to carry out maintenance work, major repairs to engines and modernization of F-16 aircraft to the M.6.X standard. The Government of Romania will designate the national economic operator that will provide maintenance for this type of aircraft.

Thus, the Ministry of National Defense continues the procedures for the modernization and purchase of military equipment, 2019 being the third year in which two percent of GDP was allocated for defense.

Romania is among the first places in the North Atlantic Alliance in this area, which confirms that our country is a credible partner in both NATO and the EU.

In addition to the acquisition of F-16 aircraft, several essential programs for equipping the Romanian Army are currently in different stages of implementation, with the intention being to involve the national defense industry as much as possible through off-set compensatory operations.

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