Thermobaric ammunition for the 3×40 millimeters grenade launcher

Thermobaric ammunition involves a combustible substance and a single explosive charge for dissemination. In this case, when spraying the combustible substance, the mixture with air is inflamed and burns, due to the action of a large number of initiation centers, represented by small incandescent metallic particles. This generates a large amount of energy in a very short time, which produces a shock wave and overpressure.

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61st Mountain Troops Brigade General Virgil Badulescu

At the end of January, the scouts from the 61st Mountain Troops Brigade “General Virgil Bădulescu” and the units subordinated to the large unit conducted the winter mountain training in a district in the area of the Calimani mountains in the Eastern Carpathians.

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(not) a War Journal

I don’t have the habit of keeping a journal, but for the next week, I will make an exception. Cause I will be facing an experience that is going to be interesting, from the saying of some fellow journalists and the organizers: the Course for Journalists that cover conflict areas organized by the Romanian Minister of Defense.

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